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6,800-year-old skeleton discovered in Germany – Times of India



NEW DELHI: In a remarkable discovery, a 6,800-year-old skeleton was unearthed in lower Bavaria region of Germany, which experts believe belonged to a village leader, Reuters reported.
The skeleton, now referred to as the “Exinger” by locals, was found in the district of Exing, part of the town of Eichendorf.
Archeologist Florian Eibl described the findings as, “It is a body burial that was placed in the grave with many grave goods.A lot of pottery, about four times the normal amount for this period and several stone tools and a small bag with a boar’s tooth trimming is particularly interesting.”
Anthropologist Chiara Girotto estimated that the man stood at approximately 1.70 meters tall, which was considered unusually tall for the time period. However, due to the condition of the skeleton, it is not possible to pinpoint the man’s exact age at the time of his death.
Experts suggest that the man must have been middle-aged, as the grave goods signify a certain status that had to be earned during those times and could not be passed down through inheritance.

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