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Amazon’s Q Has ‘Severe Hallucinations’ and Leaks Confidential Data in Public Preview, Employees Warn – Slashdot



Three days after Amazon announced its AI chatbot Q, some employees are sounding alarms about accuracy and privacy issues. From a report: Q is “experiencing severe hallucinations and leaking confidential data,” including the location of AWS data centers, internal discount programs, and unreleased features, according to leaked documents obtained by Platformer. An employee marked the incident as “sev 2,” meaning an incident bad enough to warrant paging engineers at night and make them work through the weekend to fix it.

[…] In a statement, Amazon played down the significance of the employee discussions. “Some employees are sharing feedback through internal channels and ticketing systems, which is standard practice at Amazon,” a spokesperson said. “No security issue was identified as a result of that feedback. We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve already received and will continue to tune Q as it transitions from being a product in preview to being generally available.”

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