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Anke Wonder specializes in eco-friendly clothing made of organic cotton



MILWAUKEE — Anke inherited her love for design from her grandmother in Germany. Like many designers, she started by making clothes for her dolls. Upon moving to the United States, she used her education in fashion design and art to start her business.

“The fashion industry is very polluting. The pesticides used when growing cotton are harmful to the crops and the workers. I wanted to have a more meaningful impact as a designer,” said Anke.

She specializes in eco-friendly, minimalist clothing made of organic cotton, but that’s not all. She also designs her fabrics using bold, bright colors and patterns, many of which reflect the paintings displayed on her walls.

Anke says that her designs are timeless. Instead of following trends or seasons, she goes by nature creating her own silhouettes tailored to fit her clients. She is also known for creating matching clothing for dolls.

In visiting her workspace, her passion for creating was clear. From painting and then embroidering her art to clothing design, Anke is truly living through her art.

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