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Camila McConaughey: moments of tension and nerves on the flight she was on | Bit Bites Entertainment | NewsBreak Original



Camila McConaugheyPhoto byinstagram

Actor Matthew McConaughey’s wife, model Camila Alves, shared on via instagram her experience on a Lufthansa flight from Texas to Germany that was hit by severe turbulence that caused the plane to plunge nearly 4,000 feet. According to his account, seven people had to be taken to hospital, but everyone on board managed to land safely at the Washington Dulles International Airport after an emergency landing.

The image that Camila shared in her publication shows how the chaos that the turbulence will end, with plates and napkins scattered throughout all the aisle of the plane. In the post, she shows respect for the people they saw on the flight by not showing their faces. For its part, Lufthansa described the turbulence as short but severe and assured that the seven people affected received medical attention at the hospital.

In summary, Camila Alves shared her experience on a Lufthansa flight that suffered severe turbulence that resulted in an emergency landing at Washington Dulles International Airport. Although seven people had to be taken to hospital, all passengers on board managed to land safely.

Despite the trauma that Camila and the other passengers suffered on the flight, the fact that they survived is a testament to the crew’s airplane ability to handle unforeseen situations. Camila’s experience serves as a reminder that while aviation is a safe form of transportation, there is still the possibility of unexpected situations like this one. Therefore, it is important to follow the crew’s safety instructions and remain alert during the flight.

By Alejandra Pérez // NewsBreak

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