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China summons German envoy to Beijing after four arrested for spying



Germany’s ambassador in Beijing has said she was summoned after Berlin arrested four people for allegedly spying for China.

Patricia Flor described her summoning as “quite a telling move” by the Chinese government and said that it gave her an opportunity to assert Germany’s stance against espionage.

“After four Germans were arrested this week for allegedly spying for Chinese secret services, I was summoned to the MFA today,” Ms Flor said on X, referring to the Chinese foreign ministry.

“We do not tolerate espionage in Germany, regardless of which country it comes from.”

Flor was summoned days after the German foreign ministry called in the Chinese envoy. The ministry said the envoy was briefed on Berlin’s “clear position on the ongoing investigations into suspected Chinese espionage activities”.

The four Germans held for allegedly funnelling sensitive technology to China include an aide to a European lawmaker from the far-right Alternative for Germany party.

The German public prosecutor claimed that Jian Guo, who worked for MEP Maximilian Krah, was spying for the Chinese secret services.

Mr Krah has denied any knowledge of his assistant’s alleged involvement in spying.

“I learned of the arrest of my employee Jian Guo this morning from the press,” the lawmaker said. “I have no further information. Spying for a foreign state is a serious accusation. If the allegations prove to be true, this would result in the immediate termination of his employment.”

The arrests came shortly after German chancellor Olaf Scholz visited China and held talks with president Xi Jinping. Mr Scholz expressed concern over the spying allegations against the far right MEP saying they were “very worrying”.

The arrests prompted an angry response from China.

A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said the allegations were aimed at “smearing and suppressing China” and “destroying the atmosphere of cooperation between China and Europe”. The spokesperson advised the German investigators to give up “their cold war mentality”.

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