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Coaches Confidential: Who is the most underrated boys basketball player in Southwest Florida?




What do Southwest Florida football coaches think about various topics affecting their sport?

We granted area boys basketball coaches anonymity and asked them thought-provoking questions in a series called, “Coaches Confidential.” We tried to vary topics so coaches could give their insight on area players and coaches, places they’ll play, and challenges they’ll face. The answers are anonymous answers for max honesty will appear throughout the 2023-24 season.

Today’s question: Who is the most underrated Southwest Florida player heading into the 2023-24 season and why?

Here are the top responses and comments:

Trey Fogle, Gateway Charter

“The most underrated player in SWFL is Trey Fogle at Gateway Charter. Other players receive their due credit, such as Pat Johnson and Gabe Timmons, but Fogle does so much for Gateway Charter that doesn’t show up in highlight videos or stat sheets. Diving for loose balls, taking charges, hitting big shots at key moments, making the right pass, playing off two feet, and putting team success above individual accolades are just some of the things he does and he has been an absolutely pivotal piece of Gateway Charter’s continued success.”

“Trey Fogle — plays almost the entire game, every game. Does all the little things such as defending the opposing team’s best player, diving for loose balls, leading the team in charges and always in the right spots on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.”

“Trey Fogle — he has been a steady contributor to the Gateway Charter program for the past three years.  He isn’t flashy, and probably won’t have any dunks, but he is very good. A college-ready, big guard.”

“Trey does all the little things that coaches look for — he takes charges, gets in gaps, tips out the ball if he cannot control a rebound, pokes at rebounds when other team has ball, is a willing passer, has positive vibes and body language, is not afraid of the big shot, rebounds. He makes winning plays.”

Asher Hercek, Mariner

“Has developed over the summer well.”

“6-foot-6 shooting guard who can light it up at Mariner.”

Spencer Clayton, Barron Collier

“3-year starter as a freshman.  Can do it all and has had his team in the hunt last 3 years as one of the best teams in the State at Barron Collier.”

“Poised and experienced.”

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