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DAZN threatens German Football League with legal action



DAZN has threatened legal action against the German Football League (DFL) in relation to the auction for the Bundesliga’s domestic TV rights for the seasons 2025/26 to 2028/29.

DAZN believes the deal, which would have seen the largest bundle of games being awarded to the other bidder, Sky, was unlawful.

The auction is currently suspended while DAZN’s claims are being investigated.

The sports streamer says its bid for rights package B (which amounts to 196 matches per season) was 20 per cent higher than Sky’s bid, and above the reservation price.

DAZN has sent a letter to the DFL saying it will take legal action to challenge the decision next week if a solution wasn’t found before then.

According to a report in the FT today, DAZN has until Tuesday to legally challenge the outcome of the auction.

The DFL has previously said the rights deal auction had been made “in accordance with the auction rules known to all interested companies”, and said it hadn’t made any errors in the procedure. It went on to say DAZN’s allegations are “inaccurate”.

Following its auction bid, DAZN had been asked by DFL for a bank guarantee, which the streaming service said it provided within a few working days.

Currently, DAZN shares the domestic Bundesliga rights with Sky, with Sky holding the rights to the biggest share of matches, including all Saturday matches.

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