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Decked Out In Leather: Montblanc Lends Spirit To The Holiday Season



There’s no question that leather is a symbol of personal style when it comes to fashion. Witness Rihanna at this year’s Academy Awards in an edgy custom black leather band dress by Alaia, or Salma Hayek, who wore a leather jacket as a skirt to the 2023 BRIT Awards. As for elegant accouterments, leather is always on trend as a sophisticated and functional option for belts, wallets, business bags of all shapes and sizes, laptop and phone cases, and much more. I, for one, think a great leather bag is an indispensable accomplice in creating a polished look—and a high-quality piece only gets better as it ages. There are many to choose from.


Montblanc has become a notable player in the field of luxury leather, and its newest accessories for men and women display a fashion-centered approach. Conceived by Creative Director Marco Tomasetta, whose credits include stints at such well-known houses as Prada, Chloé, and Louis Vuitton, Montblanc’s reimagined leather repertoire seamlessly twines each handsome piece into a cohesive business-lifestyle whole.

The designs are anything but usual. Rather, they exhibit a modern classicism realized via traditional Italian leather crafting and thoughtful construction, with synergistic modular features, inklings of color, and of-the-moment attitude.

Tomasetta spent much time in Montblanc’s Hamburg archives absorbing the company’s multi-dimensional history in crafting writing instruments before ever putting sketch pen to paper. So Meisterstück pen-inspired details, sensual textures and shapes, and the iconic Montblanc snowcap emblem are reverently evident in the updated range. And each enriches the coherency of the pieces without stealing the show.

“I think that beautiful things have the right proportions, which is why I love sculpture,” Tomasetta explains of his aesthetic. “I seek harmony in what I create and sometimes I add an element and then remove it [considering]

the proportion.”

Where It Happens

Montblanc’s pelleteria on the outskirts of Florence is where the magic takes place. There, a team of local artisans, under the guidance of Montblanc designers, procure leathers from a variety of choice tanneries along the Arno River. They then metamorphose them into a full spectrum of products, like bags, cases, and wallets that are in equal measure useful and beautiful.

Montblanc’s overriding aim is to offer a “companion for life,” be it a pen or a watch or a backpack, so the product testing phase is a significant one. Here it incorporates man and robot to push the limits of such significant particulars as shoulder straps and closures, stitching and finishing. Every stage of the creation process is overseen in this one location, from the assembling of a prototype to the final quality control.

With all that attention to detail and state-of-the-art production, one might think that leather accessories are a new addition to Montblanc’s product lineup. But small leather goods destined to accompany the brand’s foundational writing instruments were offered as early as 1926—just two decades after the company’s establishment in Germany. Today’s leather collections—the Meisterstück, the Sartorial, and the Extreme 3.0 (which Tomasetta says is “dedicated to the energy of New York City”)—convene a whole host of items, many inconceivable in the early 1920s. But past and present share a dedication to authenticity and a near-tangible affection for the artisanal craft of making fine leather goods.

Tomasetta puts it simply. “I love beautiful leather,” further confiding that his passion is in the details, like the way a certain bag moves or how it feels in the hand. Therefore, the Montblanc assortment offers a diversity of human experience along with a fascinating diversity of style. And what product, after all, isn’t enhanced—indeed actualized—by the invincible human experience?

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