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Dresden, Germany Storm: Lightning Strike Leaves Several Injured On Banks Of Elbe



The lightning strike happened near the Rosegarden. (Image Credits: X/ @RawsGlobal, Roland Halkasch)

Amid severe weather conditions and a dangerous thunderstorm passing through Dresden, a major lightning bolt left many people injured in the German city on Monday. At least ten people were wounded in the incident reported by the local media. Emergency crews are responding to the scene located near Rose Garden on the banks of Elbe Valley. Among those injured, two were resuscitated after suffering cardiac arrest from the lightning strike in the evening.

The lightning bolt was sparked by a “violent thunderstorm” that approached the German city of Dresden. A spokesman from the Desden Police closed the area, where the incident happened. As part of the emergency response, a fire brigade was reportedly called on people in the area at the time the lightning strike occurred. The crews responded to the scene by immediately providing medical assistance to the people in the area, who had shown some or the other symptoms.

The local fire department officials confirmed to Dresden Radio that the other eight people were taken to the nearby hospitals. They complained of typical symptoms after a lightning strike, such as tingling in the extremities.

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