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Firefox 120 Ready With Global Privacy Control, WebAssembly GC On By Default – Slashdot



Firefox 120 will be available tomorrow, bringing support for the Global Privacy Control “Sec-GPC” request header to indicate whether a user consents to a website or service selling or sharing their personal information with third parties. It’s also enabling the WebAssembly GC extension by default, opening up new languages like Dart and Kotlin to run in the browser. Phoronix’s Michael Larabel highlights some of the other features included in this release: – Ubuntu Linux users now have the ability to import data from Chromium when both are installed as Snap packages.
– Picture-in-Picture mode now supports corner snapping on Windows and Linux.
– Support for the light-dark() CSS color function that allows setting of colors for both light and dark without needing to use the prefers-color-scheme media feature. This allows conveniently specifying the preferred light color theme value followed by the dark color theme value.
– CSS support for the lh and rlh line height units.

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