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German police arrest Russian man over fatal stabbing of two Ukrainian soldiers



German police launched a manhunt and followed a blood trail leading to a blood-stained keyhole on the front door of the suspect’s apartment.

In a statement, Bavaria police said they could provide no details as to the motive of the attack.

It was not immediately clear if the attacker was acting alone or had been part of a more organised plot to attack Ukrainians as part of Vladimir Putin’s war on Kyiv.

However, German media said the suspect was visibly drunk when arrested and said he had recently had an argument with the two Ukrainians.

“Early on Saturday evening, April 27 2024, two men were found with stab wounds on the premises of a shopping centre in Murnau. A 36-year-old died from serious injuries on site, the second victim (23 years old) died in a nearby hospital that evening,” the police statement said.

‘Deep state of grief’

In Murnau, mourners gathered at the scene of the attack to place floral tributes to the two Ukrainian soldiers. “No to terrorism, no to war, no to murder, no to death!” stated one placard, placed next to a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag.

“The Ukrainians of the district are in a deep state of grief,” stated another placard.

According to Spiegel magazine, the slain soldiers came to Germany in August and December last year and were receiving treatment at a special clinic in Murnau. They had been living in accommodation provided by the district’s refugee agency.

A witness found the two victims with stab wounds in their necks near the shopping centre and called emergency services. Both were carrying Ukrainian military ID cards.

Suspected Russian agents

Germany is grappling with a string of recent security and espionage incidents involving Russia.

Earlier in April, two Russian-German citizens were also arrested in Bavaria for allegedly plotting to attack US military sites involved in delivering German military support to Ukraine.

In a separate case, a German intelligence officer in the BND, the German equivalent of MI6, is facing treason charges for allegedly passing sensitive information to Moscow.

The suspect has argued in court that he was actually a double agent who was trying to glean secrets from Russian intelligence services on behalf of the BND.

In another awkward case for Berlin, in March, Russia intercepted and leaked a sensitive discussion between German air force officers discussing a potential delivery of Taurus missiles to Kyiv.

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