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Germany And Israel Bolster Energy Ties: Focus On Hydrogen And Renewables



German Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, and Israel’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Eli Cohen, met in Jerusalem to reinforce their collaborative work plan.

The ongoing partnership addresses Israel’s post-war needs, including defense of energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, and infrastructure expansion.

The officials agreed to continue shared projects in hydrogen and promote renewable energy initiatives involving German companies.


This commitment builds on the previous year’s agreement, emphasizing the mutual goal of advancing a reliable, sustainable, and clean energy economy through innovative technologies.

Minister Eli Cohen highlighted Germany’s support during the recent conflict and stressed the importance of international cooperation in the energy sector. The collaboration, initiated during COP27 in 2022, focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing fossil fuel use.

In its second year, the plan targets energy efficiency, security, cyber protection, and the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, particularly in the areas of power grids, electric vehicles, and hydrogen.

Vice-Chancellor Habeck, an advocate for Israel, expressed Germany’s unwavering support. The ministers discussed ways to enhance cooperation in energy, infrastructure, and cyber, emphasizing hydrogen as a key element.

The possibility of expanding collaboration to include additional states was also explored, showcasing the commitment of Germany and Israel to a sustainable and interconnected energy future.

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