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Germany considers Ukraine attractive for business despite the war,



said the Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, Svenja Schulze. She explained that production processes can still be carried out in a significant portion of the country, and the fact that Ukraine is a candidate for EU membership i“ a “long-”erm” argument for companies to consider. According to Schulze, about 2,000 companies with German capital worked in Ukraine before the full-scale invasion, and almost all of them decided not to cease their activities in Ukraine completely. Regarding future prospects, the minister noted that the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC), scheduled for June 11-12 in Berlin, will gather about 1,500 participants. In addition to government and business representatives, organizers have invited civil society representatives and local self-government bodies. After all, more than 200 partnerships have already been established between Ukrainian and German cities and communities. URC-2024 in Berlin will be the third international recovery conference. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has received €1.6B in direct budget support from Germany, with €1.3B in grants.


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