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Germany: Enbw will build the largest wind farm in the world



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The German energy group Enbw has started construction of the largest wind farm ever built in the North Sea. According to what was communicated by the company, the electricity generated will reach 1,1 million households in Germany starting from the end of 2025. The total investment, according to what was communicated by the CEO of Enbw, Georg Stamatelopoulos, is 2,4 billion euros and is one of the first offshore wind farms built without state funding.

Construction of the wind farm – to be called “He Dreiht” (He Turns) – will begin on Saturday, as announced by EMBW board member, Peter Heydecker. The park will be built off the North Sea approximately 85 kilometers north-west of the island of Borkum and 110 kilometers west of Helgoland. With an investment of around 2,4 billion euros, it is currently one of the largest energy transition projects in Europe and is one of the first offshore wind farms to be built without state funding. Even before construction began, Enbw concluded long-term purchase agreements with companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Fraport and Evonik, to cover a large part of their electricity needs. A consortium formed by Allianz Capital Partners, Aip and Norges Bank Investment Management owns 49,9 percent of the shares of “He Dreiht”.

According to the statements of the CEO of Embw the wind farm “will use the latest generation of wind turbines from the manufacturer Vestas. The rotor, with a diameter of 236 metres, covers an area of ​​43.742 square meters in one revolution which corresponds to the area of ​​six football fields”. According to information, one revolution of a turbine rotor will be enough to provide electricity to four families for a day while 120 kilometers of cables under water and 110 kilometers on land will ensure connection to the electricity grid. More than 500 employees are expected to work at the large shipyard and more than 60 ships will be involved in the construction. “He Dreiht” will provide electricity to 1,1 million families starting from the end of 2025, the estimated deadline for its construction.

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© Agenzia Nova – Reproduction reserved

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