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Germany Floods: Videos From Bisinger And Albstädter Spark Concerns, Evacuations Ordered



Flood in Germany’s Bisinger And Albstädter

Photo : Twitter

Two German cities- Bisinger And Albstädter- were met with heavy flooding and a thunderstorm on Wednesday. Videos on social media showed people struggling in knee-high water levels and emergency services evacuating residents. According to initial repost, several vehicles were totaled in the two areas.

The fire brigade, THW and Red Cross announced that they are conducting a large-scale operation and are rescuing locals in the area. Authorities are yet to comment on the damage and injuries caused by the storm.

Local media reports say streams overflowed their banks in the two cities, causing massive flooding. The fire department evacuated people from their homes in the Hohenzollern Hall area. The water was reportedly around one meter high at the Bisinger market square. The construction site in front of the Gutenberg kindergarten was washed away.

After evacuations were complete at Hohenzollern Hall, authorities will work on the clean-up.

“Some intense thunderstorms in Western Germany and the Netherlands going on.⛈️ High rain rates and hail (2 cm diameter) possible. High CAPE and relatively little shear environment. Showers move slowly, meaning that flash floods are possible,” a journalist said on X, platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Flash floods in Baden-Württemberg, Germany; People reported trapped in cars,” another one added, attaching a video of flash floods.

Meanwhile, all roads to Bisingen in the direction of Hechingen on the B27 were completely closed. The vehicles piled up up to Engstlatt. The Wessingen and Zimmern roads are also closed due to flooding.

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