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Germany lottery stakes rise to €8.2bn in 2023



The total sum of online lottery stakes in Germany in 2023 reached over €1.2bn with overall lottery wagering in the country rising to €8.2bn.

As reported by The German Lotto and Toto block, the umbrella lottery provider encompassing all 16 state lottery companies, that rise of 2.9 per cent led to around €3.28bn being directed towards good causes.

The provider said the latter figure translated to around €9m per day for welfare, sport, art, culture, monument preservation and environmental protection.

Sven Osthoff, managing director of LOTTO Lower Saxony, said: “Through the online offering, the 16 state lottery companies are fully fulfilling their channelling mandate on the internet.

“The digitalisation of the range of games keeps the lottery principle oriented towards the common good sustainable.”

Meanwhile, in the retail sector, there were 21,000 lottery acceptance points recorded in 2023.

Axel Holthaus, also a LOTTO Lower Saxony managing director, said: “The lottery acceptance points have an important structural policy significance nationwide.

“They are often part of the village shops, which make a significant contribution to the development of rural regions as independent living and economic areas.”

The German Lotto and Toto block said LOTTO 6aus49 remained the most popular lottery in Germany in 2023, accounting for around 46 per cent of total stakes in state-approved lotteries.

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