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Germany offers Hilter’s aide Joseph Goebbels’ villa for free. Know why



The government of Berlin has chosen to offer a lakeside villa, once belonging to a prominent Nazi figure, at no cost due to the high expenses associated with its maintenance, as per The Telegraph (UK).

This property, situated in the rural area north of the German capital, has a troubling past as it was formerly owned by Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister. Authorities in Berlin have disclosed their intentions to give away the villa for free, according to the report.

Goebbels, a significant figure within the Nazi regime, held a key position in Hitler’s inner circle and wielded considerable influence over Nazi propaganda efforts.

He was good at using newspapers, radio, and movies to spread Nazi ideas and control what people knew in Germany. He and his family died by killing themselves at the end of World War II, as per

The big house and land Goebbels owned, built in 1936, were used for different things, including his secret meetings with actresses.

Today, the Berlin government owns the property but struggles to keep it up because it’s expensive and has a bad history linked to the Nazis.

Berlin’s Finance Minister Stefan Evers mentioned that the state of Berlin is offering the property as a “gift” to anyone interested in “taking over the site.”

Since 2000, the property has been empty, and the villa, situated approximately 10 miles north of Berlin, has significantly decayed. It now has broken windows and missing sections, requiring refurbishment.

Several options are being considered for the estate, including acquisition by the federal government or the neighbouring state of Brandenburg. Alternatively, it could be purchased by a private individual.

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However, if no suitable proposals are received, the state of Berlin might have to demolish the property, which is a more cost-effective solution compared to renovation.

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