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Germany…Role governed by guilt complex disapproved by world




SANA’A May 20. 2024 (Saba) – One of the advantages of the mighty military operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” is that it removed the fig leaf from regimes that had been increasing their commitment to the law, upholding human rights, glorifying civil, personal, and journalistic freedoms for decades.

It became clear after Al-Aqsa flood that all of this was nothing but slogans that America and NATO countries kept raising to outbid and employ them to serve colonial interests, and Germany after America is a practical example in its dual dealing with ideals, higher human values, and principles related to human rights and their daily interests.

Germany emerged after Al-Aqsa Flood operation, more extreme than “Israel” itself and more royal than the king in its desperate, unacceptable and unreasonable defense of what it calls Semitism and standing firmly against any activity in the German street that supports legitimate Palestinian rights and considering them anti-Semitic activities which is something that has become it is applied in all Western European countries, in a manner that contradicts, in its entirety, all Western claims about adherence to the law, principles and values that do not exist in their countries except on paper.

The Germans, Americans, and other colonial European countries know very well that the Palestinian has the full right to establish his independent state on his national soil, and possesses the full capabilities to establish that state, but the issue here collides with colonial states with a strong economic, military, and intelligence nature that planted “Israel” as a functional entity in the Arab region to protect… Colonial interests, and pledged to protect them and not establish an independent Palestinian state…which is similar to a Western hijacking of laws, principles and morals in full view of the entire world.

Germany today is considered the country most hostile to legitimate Palestinian rights and deals with manifestations of support for the residents of Gaza and Palestine with ferocity governed by the guilt complex that “Israel” has mastered in exploiting and rooting itself in the structure of the political and social system in Germany.

The colonial project in Palestine was exposed and thwarted by the Republic of Yemen with a strong principled position supporting , supportive of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza in deed , not in words, and this matter became the talk of the whole world when the Yemeni Navy fought and is still waging a major battle with the most powerful colonial countries in the Red, Arab and Mediterranean seas, the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.

It is a military operation that astonished the world when the Yemeni fighter was able to bring the American, British, and NATO naval fleets to their knees, and inflict on them a terrible defeat.


resource : SABA

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