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Germany Wants To Give Away Hitler Aide Joseph Goebbels’ Villa For Free



Berlin authorities have announced their plans to give away the villa for free.

Berlin’s government has decided to give away a villa once owned by a major Nazi figure for free in view of its expensive upkeep, reported The Telegraph (UK). The property in question is a lakeside villa with a disturbing history. The estate, located in the countryside north of the German capital, was once owned by Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler.

Berlin authorities have announced their plans to give away the villa for free, the report said.

Goebbels, a high-ranking official in Nazi Germany, was part of Hitler’s inner circle and played a major role in shaping Nazi propaganda.

He was known for his skill in using media platforms like newspapers, radio, and films, to spread Nazi propaganda and control information flow within Germany. He, along with his wife and six children, died by suicide towards the end of World War 2, reports

Goebbels’ 17-hectare estate and villa was built in 1936 and used for various purposes, including his affairs with actresses.

Today, the property is owned by the state of Berlin, which is facing difficulties in maintaining it due to high costs, and its disturbing history associated with the Nazi regime.

Berlin’s Finance Minister Stefan Evers said that the property was “a gift from the state of Berlin” to anyone who would like to “take over the site.”

Since 2000, the property has been uninhabited, and the villa, located about 10 miles north of Berlin, has deteriorated significantly. The property now has broken windows and missing parts, and needs renovation.

There are various proposals for the estate, including a takeover by the federal government or the neighbouring state of Brandenburg. It can also be bought by a private owner.

However, if no suitable proposals come, the state of Berlin may have to demolish the property, which is cheaper, compared to renovation.

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