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Germany’s energy transition is creating Green jobs for foreign talent 



The energy transition and the decarbonization of the economy is creating a wide range of new career opportunities within Germany’s key industries, leading to a significant demand for internationally qualified professionals who have an awareness of sustainability to occupy “green jobs.” 

Nairametrics learns that Green technologies from Germany are in high demand worldwide, notably in renewable energy sectors such as environmental engineering and information and communication technologies. 

Renewable sources have become essential for Germany’s electricity supply, with wind, solar, hydro, and biomass contributing to over 41% of the nation’s electricity production as of 2021. 

The Federal Government of Germany is therefore backing this transition through programs designed to enhance e-mobility and increase the availability of charging infrastructure. 

Individuals interested in a career with good prospects now have the opportunity to join the green economy in Germany, to contribute to the construction of a sustainable world. 

About Green jobs 

Green jobs are available across the entire economy, spanning from conventional areas like manufacturing, transportation, and construction to newer fields, particularly within the energy sector. 

In essence, these jobs serve as the foundation for a successful energy transition and play a crucial role in promoting climate and environmental protection.

Individuals therefore, with qualifications in engineering or technical fields, as well as those connected to the manufacturing and construction industries, and now sought after in the green economy. These profession are: 

  • Craftspeople (e.g. electronic technicians for energy and building technology, heating engineering, system mechanics and sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology) 
  • Engineers (e.g. energy consultants, environmental engineers, design engineers/developers, automotive engineers) 
  • IT specialists (e.g. software developers, data scientists) 

These professions are part of the following economic sectors: 

  • Energy and electrical engineering (e.g. wind power, photovoltaics, solar power technology/installation) 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Technical equipment and installations 
  • Construction industry 
  • Automotive industry (e.g. electric mobility) 
  • Agriculture and farming 
  • In many of these areas, employers have problems finding qualified staff, which is an opportunity to get an attractive job. 

Obtaining a visa to work in the Germany 

Available jobs are listed in Make it in Germanywebsite. Join the Green networkhere.  

As a citizen of a country outside the European Union who gets a job offer, a residence permit is required. Qualified professionals interested in the work visas need to check here, and information on the EU Blue Card. 

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