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Germany’s exit from EU would ‘ruin’ economy as calls for Dexit grow



Germany‘s Finance Minister, Christian Lindner, has issued a stark warning against the possibility of the country leaving the European Union, claiming that it would have disastrous consequences for the German economy.

The comments come in the midst of renewed calls for a “Dexit” from the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV, Lindner stressed the crucial role of the EU’s single market for Germany.

He said: “The EU’s single market is of utmost importance for us. Leaving the EU would ruin our economy.

“This is why we have to tell people, OK, you maybe are not in line with government policies but this is no reason for changing the complete system and for changing what our wealth is based on.”

Lindner’s remarks counter the growing sentiment within the AfD, led by Alice Weidel, advocating for a departure from the European Union.

Weidel has openly praised Britain’s decision to leave the EU and has suggested that Germany should follow suit.

Speaking to the Financial Times last month, Weidel expressed her concerns about the EU’s structure.

She said: “If a reform [of the EU] isn’t possible if we fail to rebuild the sovereignty of the EU member states, we should let the people decide, just as Britain did.”

The AfD’s push for a potential “Dexit” has stirred debate within German political circles, with critics arguing that such a move could have severe economic repercussions.

Germany’s strong economic ties with the EU and the benefits derived from the single market have played a crucial role in its prosperity. Lindner’s warning underscores the potential risks and challenges that the country may face if it were to pursue a path similar to that of the United Kingdom.

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