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Germany’s largest grocery chain rolls out AI age-verification tech



Germany’s largest grocery retail chain, Edeka Group, is deploying AI-powered age-verification technology at one of its micro locations at Stuttgart Airport in Stuttgart, Germany, the tech company announced on Tuesday. 

North Canton, Ohio-based Diebold Nixdorf’s Vynamic Smart Vision Age Verification tech uses AI to estimate the age of customers for purchase of products like alcoholic beverages.  

The company, which is known for its dominance in the ATM market, released the technology at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show convention in January. 

The tech also uses computer vision to determine if customers have failed to scan items, accidentally add an item without scanning, or use false barcodes. 

Edeka Group is currently deploying the tech at the single Edeka Jaeger-owned 24/7 store at Stuttgart Airport. 

Diebold said age verification is needed roughly 22% of the time at retail stores. In the first week of its deployment, more than 80% of the age-restricted purchases were approved without employee intervention.

“The creation of quick, simple purchasing processes for customers and my employees is key. This is what makes our store at Stuttgart Airport so attractive for busy travelers,” said Florian Jaeger, co-owner of the 24/7 store. “Thanks to AI support, we have already been able to drastically reduce employee interventions for age checks.”

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