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Hamburg, Germany Shooting: Suspect Open Fires From Building Floor, Large Police Presence In Altona District



A shooting in Hamburg led to several officers being critically hurt (Representational Image)

Photo : iStock

In a shooting incident reported from Germany’s Hamburg, a suspect opened fire on police officials. The incident took place on Sunday as a standoff between an active shooter and the cops developed in Altona district. Local media reports indicate that there is a high chance that multiple shooters are involved.

The suspect reached the sixth floor of a building in Hamburg. Following this, a large police presence was spotted in the area. The cops who chased the suspect engaged in a tense gunfire exchange. Amid the reports of multiple officials being shot, an emergency services response was initiated in the German city.

Officers with heavy weapons are present at the location, and a section of the city’s Altona neighborhood has been blocked off. The event is reported to have continued with several screams heard, reported The Mirror.

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