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Horoscope Today: March 4, 2023



See what the stars have in store for your sign

When you begin your spiritual journey, when you start meditating and turning the gaze inwards, you light the lamp of awareness. To light the lamp means to illuminate, to become conscious of the so-called dark within. So, in a way, healing isn’t so much as about love, light and positivity as it is about becoming aware of the shadows and integrating the unconscious. Virgo, pay attention to what is yearning for your attention despite the discomfort this stirs up with. You’re kind of a big deal, Cancer! A legend in your own right. The world acknowledges your contribution, moon child. But, the question we want to ask you today is: do *you*? This weekend, you’re being called to have a chat with Imposter’s Syndrome and to let it go with love. To acknowledge all the ways in which you have broken free from the shackles of conditioning and grown into the version of you that you are now. You are a manifestation maven, Pisces. You have a way of calling into your experience the kind of people, situations and opportunities that are supportive of your growth. Today, the cards are urging you to pause, take a look at the trajectory of your life from a higher perspective, assess what has and hasn’t worked for you so you can swalk into the portal of the new with a greater degree of awareness. The upcoming full moon will mark both a culmination and reset for you.

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