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Jobs abroad: Ruto assures NYS youth of opportunities in Germany, other countries



  • Williams Ruto emphasised that the aspirations of Kenyan youths are at the core of the Government’s agenda
  • Ruto also announced that youths will undergo training at NYS before deployment to work abroad
  • The president announced that the government is concluding negotiations with ten countries to employ Kenyan workers

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December 8 – President William Ruto announced that NYS is going to be at the at the center of the government’s labour export initiative during the National Youth Service (NYS) recruits pass out ceremony at the NYS Paramilitary Academy in Gilgil, Nakuru County.

William Ruto during the National Youth Service recruits passing out parade. Photo: William Ruto.
Source: Twitter

President Ruto stated that NYS be responsible for organising youths going to work abroad by offering pre-deployment training to youths to ensure comprehensive preparation before they leave for international job opportunities.

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“The National Youth Service is going to be the central organisation for pre-deployment training, so that Kenyans understand what they need to do when they go out for work as labour that is exported from Kenya,” President Ruto said.

Countries in negotiations with Kenya

Speaking at the event, Ruto also highlighted imminent negotiations with Germany, Saudi Arabia, and eight other countries, aiming to finalise agreements on labor export from Kenya.

“We are concluding negotiations with Germany, we are concluding negotiations with Saudi Arabia, we are concluding negotiations with another eight countries, on the export of labour,” Ruto announced.

Government’s commitment to youths

Ruto underscored the government’s commitment to prioritising youth aspirations, ensuring their voices are heard, and safeguarding their interests, emphasising a strategic focus on unleashing the potential of Kenya’s youth, leveraging their skills, talents, and creativity to drive the nation’s economic transformation.

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“That is why we are systematic, intentional and determined to giving voice to these young people, protecting and fighting for their interests so that their will-power, talents, skills and creativity can be meaningfully explored and unleashed to drive the economic transformation of our country,” Ruto added on X.

Kenya to export 1500 workers to Israel

President Ruto’s announcement on the role of NYS in exporting labour comes after recent news by that the government had secured 1500 job opportunities in Israel for Kenyans.

These opportunities offer a guaranteed net income of $1,500 (approximately KSh 229,000) per month and come with renewable contracts spanning three years.

“These opportunities number about 1,500 with a guaranteed net income of $1,500 per month, on 3 years renewable contracts. The programme will be implemented by a number of local @nea_kenya (Kenya National Employment Authority) licensed agencies,” the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection announced on X.


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