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Killing of German Tourist Puts Focus on Costa Rica Crime



The Osa Chamber of Tourism (CATUOSA) has advocated for the increased recruitment of Tourist Police officers and their heightened presence in the area following the recent killing of a German tourist last Thursday at Dominical beach.

Despite the timing of this request preceding the incident, Luis Centeno, the president of this business entity, emphasized the urgent need to reinforce personnel in the area, without specifying the extent of the reinforcement. This, he believes, is crucial to ensuring the safety of both residents and tourists, particularly in light of the tragic murder of Arlt Dominic Knuth.

Knuth, who had been in the country for over a month, was fatally attacked after 11 p.m. on November 30 while in a camper-type vehicle with a woman.

According to the preliminary report from the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), at least two assailants intercepted the couple, demanding they exit the vehicle and hand over money and belongings. The German tourist reportedly resisted, resulting in a gunshot wound to his right shoulder. The perpetrators fled on foot, leaving the victim injured. In an attempt to seek medical help, the woman found an ambulance, but Costa Rican Red Cross (CRC) rescuers declared Knuth dead during the transfer.

His body was subsequently taken to the Tomás Casas Hospital before being removed by Judicial Police for an autopsy at the Forensic Pathology Section in San Joaquín de Flores.

Expressing regret and concern over the incident, Luis Centeno categorized the murder as an “isolated” event. In an interview with Teletica, the spokesperson refuted claims of an immediate impact on the visitation of the territory. He asserted that, up to the closing of this publication, there have been no reports of cancellations linked to the crime.

When questioned about the measures to be implemented post-incident, Centeno revealed plans for a Board of Directors meeting this week to chart the course of action. This includes engaging with local authorities, such as the municipal government and security forces.

“We believe that an increase in police presence is necessary; however, we also think there should be more awareness campaigns regarding the security measures that everyone should adopt. This applies not only to foreigners but also to Costa Ricans. At times, we tend to be overly trusting, parking anywhere without taking necessary precautions. Despite it not being the norm in the area, we must intensify efforts in that regard,” remarked the president of the Osa Chamber of Tourism.

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