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Laut gegen Nazis e.V. launches together with Zalando the largest online database targeting contemporary coded Nazi language



“Zalando stands for diversity, inclusion, respect and openness. The ‘Fashion against Fascism’ initiative is a valuable addition to the strict product, content and brand guidelines we already have in place. Integrating the data from this new open source database into our systems will allow us to more actively combat right-wing extremism and its ever-changing symbols on our platform. We hope that our initial alliance with other players in the fashion industry will continue to grow in order to send a clear signal against right-wing extremist ideas. Only together can we prevent products with questionable imprints from being distributed or sold,” explains Pascal Brun, Vice President Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion at Zalando.

The mechanics work in a similar way at Spread Group. The global provider of individualized fashion and lifestyle products is expanding its existing database in this way. This will make it even more difficult to print garments with Nazi codes from now on. “As an open platform, we defined community standards a long time ago and established review processes to exclude discriminatory or inflammatory content. A larger team uses a multi-stage, software-supported review process to ensure that anti-democratic motifs or texts are not published and produced on our platform in the first place. The ‘Fashion against Fascism’ initiative helps us to join forces to prevent the spread of right-wing extremist symbols and to react automatically and on a daily basis to newly developed symbols. Our support for the open source database demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative ways to actively combat hate and discrimination,” says Julian de Grahl, CEO of the Spread Group.

“ABOUT YOU Group employs around 1500 colleagues from 77 different nationalities. For this reason alone, diversity is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. It is fundamental for us to take our corporate responsibility seriously, not only in relation to our colleagues, but also towards society. We firmly believe that collaboration and transparency are the keys to drive change throughout the industry. That’s why we support the idea of the new open source database and hope that many more companies will join the initiative,” says Tarek Müller, co-founder and co-CEO of the ABOUT YOU Group.

Adam Jay, CEO Vinted Marketplace adds: “We’re committed to making the Vinted platform a safe environment for every member of our community. This includes extensive policies and tools to prevent the dissemination of content associated with fascist ideologies. In line with this commitment, we fully support the initiative ‘Fashion again Fascism’, recognising the collective responsibility of online fashion marketplaces to help mitigate right extremism.”

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