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Lenovo and Motorola hit with sales ban in Germany: Why, what next and more – Times of India



Lenovo and its subsidiary Motorola are facing a sales ban after a court ruling in Munich. The decision stems from a patent infringement lawsuit filed by US-based InterDigital, a company specialising in wireless technology.
Cause of the ban
The dispute centers around WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) modules, a crucial component enabling cellular connectivity in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.InterDigital alleges that Lenovo infringed upon their patented WWAN technology and failed to agree on fair licensing fees. The court sided with InterDigital, imposing a sales ban on all Lenovo and Motorola devices equipped with WWAN modules in Germany.
Impact on Consumers and Businesses
This ruling has significant implications for both companies. The ban affects a wide range of products, including popular Motorola smartphones like the Edge 50 lineup and various Lenovo devices that support cellular networks like GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G. Consumers in Germany will be unable to purchase these devices directly from Lenovo or Motorola. Existing stock might still be available at third-party retailers.
The road ahead
The impact on businesses that rely on Lenovo and Motorola devices with cellular connectivity remains to be seen. The companies have not yet publicly commented on how they plan to address the ban or the ongoing legal dispute with InterDigital. It’s possible they might seek to negotiate a licensing agreement or appeal the court’s decision.

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