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Let’s Waffle opens with German documentary TV show



Nadin Feix, the owner of the new Let’s Waffle at 1031 Santa Barbara Blvd., makes a waffle during the grand opening. CHUCK BALLARO

When people think of waffles, they think of something for breakfast or maybe a late night snack.

Nadin Feix, the owner of the new Let’s Waffle at 1031 Santa Barbara Blvd., in Cape Coral, is trying to change that perception.

Feix opened her new eatery Saturday and to say it was a big celebration would be an understatement as not only did her business neighbors attend, but also a German TV crew that has been following her the past two-plus years for a documentary they have done.

Feix has been featured on a German TV show “Goodbye, Deutschland” about Germans who leave Germany for a new beginning, which Feix did in the summer of 2022.

The crew has followed her as she navigated her way through this new landscape, getting advice along the way from German and American friends. Feix said she wanted to do something as her husband had a job captaining a touring boat.

Jasmin Colon, left, and Nadin Feix, the owner of the new Let’s Waffle in Cape Coral. CHUCK BALLARO

“They tell the story of people leaving the country, the problems you face and how you’re going to be successful,” Feix said. “Do you have enough savings and do you have to go back? We are all here on visas and people in Germany are really interested in this.”

Feix said she always wanted to have her own coffee shop or small eatery, even though she worked in the hotel business for more than 20 years and another small business.

When she came to America, she wanted to give her childhood dream a chance once she got settled here.

Well, a few weeks after arriving in the U.S., Hurricane Ian postponed those plans, and it wasn’t until last March when she decided to pull the trigger on her idea.

“I always wanted something unique. In Germany we like waffles. They like waffles here, too, but Americans eat waffles differently,” Feix said. “I thought it was time to introduce America to a more European way.”

They created a logo with her teenage daughter Julika’s face featured on it (she attends Ida Baker High School) and opened to great fanfare on Saturday.

Waffles are not just a breakfast treat in Europe. They can be made in many interesting ways. The featured waffles all contain the word “love” in them, as her waffles are shaped like a heart (five of them, actually).

She has sweet and savory waffles, with the latter meant as more of a traditional meal. There’s avocado, Hawaiian with ham and pineapple, pork, chicken and Italian, all of which are in the $18 range.

“I had people eating the savory waffles and they were full afterward. They are meant as a full meal,” Feix said. “Everything is fresh and homemade and people can watch us making it.”

The sweet waffles feature strawberry, bananas and other fruit, as well as Kid’s Love with lots of candy and Julika’s Love, created by her daughter.

You can also create your own waffle, starting at $11.50 with your choice of toppings, everything from maple syrup, cheese and meat to soft-serve ice cream.

Let’s Waffle is open Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For additional information about the new Cape Coral business, please visit or call 239-898-1041.

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