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Mahesh Babu shares pictures of training in Germany with Dr Harry Konig | – Times of India



Mahesh Babu and SS Rajamouli‘s latest and upcoming venture, SSMB29, has been the talk of the town ever since its announcement. The movie seems to be now steps away from shooting and is in its pre-production phase, which has again made fans talk about it everywhere.
Mahesh Babu has recently travelled to Germany for what was assumed to be testing purposes of the technology to be used in the film.In the recent pictures shared by the ‘Guntur Kaaram’ actor on social media, he is seen alongside Dr. Harry Konig, where Mahesh Babu is undergoing physical training.

Mahesh Babu recently offered a glimpse of At Medical Care Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, Mahesh Babu dedicates himself to an intense training plan. Leading him on his path to health and fitness is the distinguished Dr. Harry Konig, an experienced healthcare provider recognised for his skills in fitness and medical prevention. Celebrities and wealthy people are among Dr. Konig’s clients. He specialises in customised exercise regimens to address certain health issues and improve general wellness.

Instagram post:

Mahesh Babu also shared captivating views of the natural environment around him. He captured the visit to the Black Forest, where he had to endure bitter cold, showing the adventurous spirit of the place in Germany. The actor looks devoted to maintaining physical health, and his admiration for the beauty of nature is apparent in these pictures.
Dr. Harry Konig will be offering Mahesh Babu’s fitness adventure an additional boost with his specialised knowledge and specific instruction. This complete mindset towards health fits well with the actor’s commitment to overall health and sets a tone for SSMB29, which promises a vibrant and excellent cinematic experience.
The movie is surely expected to be marvellous, as it has further highlighted the possibility of big names from the film industry being a part of it. Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone and Indonesian actress Chelsea Islan are some of the names to be seen in the cast, though no official announcement is being made by the team.
Mahesh Babu’s intense training and medical care in Germany are anticipated to improve his energy and performance for his next role in SSMB29, guaranteeing that he gives his all on the screen.

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