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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, March 2023



March opens with the sun in fellow water sign Pisces, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules opportunity and adventure and making this an exciting and expansive time of year! You could be entering a tremendous period of growth, spiritually or intellectually. A meaningful journey may take place; you might be traveling someplace exciting or exploring a topic of study that changes your understanding of the world. Big opportunities in your career arise on March 2 as Venus meets Jupiter in Aries, and there can be great rewards or success. Your popularity gets a big boost!

Mercury meets Saturn in Aquarius on March 2, which can find you having a focused, serious discussion about money, like bills, debts, taxes, or resources you share with others. Boundaries and expectations may be set. Mercury enters Pisces on March 2, which might bring you news from afar, find you planning a trip or making great progress on school work or publishing. Deep, philosophical conversations will likely take place in the coming weeks. You may meet someone unexpectedly as the sun in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus at March 6, or you could be connecting with a group or community that inspires you to break out of your usual routine and challenges your old ways of thinking. 

The full moon in Virgo on March 7 could bring a conversation that’s been brewing to an important climax. Details may emerge. Something that hadn’t made sense might suddenly click! Or you may be validated in your assumption that it was bogus. In your everyday life, changes could be taking place in your neighborhood or along your commute. Paperwork can be resolved.

March 7 also has Saturn entering Pisces, which can find you setting important limits around communication and availability. You might be buckling down and focusing on school in some concerted way, or perhaps you decide to take time away from your studies to focus on other goals. Either way, a big decision about your education could take place! Firm decisions about travel could also be on the menu. You may be serious about publishing your work at this time. Saturn in Pisces can find you feeling cautious about the opportunities you take, as you don’t want to waste your time with projects that don’t go anywhere or that you’re not totally passionate about.

Exciting introductions can be made as Venus connects with Mars in Gemini and Mercury connects with Uranus on March 11. Venus and Mars’ connection inspires a friendly, collaborative atmosphere, and brilliant ideas are shared as logical Mercury connects with genius Taurus. Laziness and confusion might pop up as Mars squares off with Neptune in Pisces on March 14. It would be wise to keep your plans flexible, as you might find yourself too exhausted or disinterested to deal with a packed schedule. 

You may be connecting with your spirituality in a deep way as the sun meets Neptune on March 15! A message you send or receive can leave a profound impression. Escape and transcendence are topics of discussion. You could be connecting with your intuition in a significant way, too.

Inspiring discussion continue to take place as Mercury meets Neptune on March 16. You and a partner can have a powerful, emotionally vulnerable conversation. But March 16 also brings some tension: People may bicker as the sun squares off with Mars, and a disorganized schedule could leave you frustrated. Venus also squares off with Pluto this day, which can find you examining power struggles in your relationships. This could be an important time to set boundaries. Themes like jealousy or possessive behavior come to the fore—but March 16 also finds sweet Venus entering Taurus, creating a more easygoing energy during this day. Venus in Taurus bodes especially well for the intellectual connection you share with your partners, and it can inspire a chill, grounded atmosphere as you work through tough feelings. Venus in Taurus might also find you feeling popular and joining an exciting social circle!

March 17 finds Mercury squaring off with Mars, the sun meeting Mercury, and Venus connecting with Saturn. Mercury’s clash with Mars inspires impatience: Cancers are famously cautious, and this quality could really come in handy at this time as some folks jump to conclusions. Bickering might occur, but important realizations could be made as the sun meets Mercury. A new conversation could be beginning. Venus’s connection with Saturn bodes well for planning for the future and discussing expectations. People are interested in investing in you. Hard work in your career is paying off. In love, your partners could be showing you they care for you by creating a secure and supportive environment for you both to share. 

Mercury mingles with Pluto on March 18, which could find you having a deep and intimate discussion with someone! Secrets may be shared. Mercury enters Aries on March 19, kicking up conversations about your career or your future goals. You might have an easy time spreading the word about your talents! News about your achievements is shared, and you may receive messages about your influence. 

The sun connects with Pluto on March 20, inspiring a transformative atmosphere in your relationships. A meaningful discussion could ignite a big shift. The sun enters Aries on March 20, too, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation, and new professional opportunities arise during the new moon in Aries on March 21. This new moon can also find you connecting with the future in some exciting way. You could be reflecting on themes like your legacy and impact, and this new moon inspired you to explore new ways to leave your mark on the world. 

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, which is one of the biggest astrological highlights of the month! Since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, you have had very deep, intense relationships, and your understanding of fair give-and-take and true partnership has gone through a huge transformation. The transformations keep coming as Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius: You may be settling important debts, learning powerful lessons about forgiveness and letting go, and working with your partners in deep and meaningful ways. Your confidence and stamina get a big boost as Mars enters your sign, Cancer, on March 25; your readiness to embrace change and cut ties with the past can be as strong as ever.

Mars in Cancer could also find you a bit more confrontational or quick-tempered than usual, but the mood is jolly and easygoing as Mercury meets Jupiter on March 28. Exciting news about your career may arrive! Big news might be shared. Mars connects with Saturn on March 30, inspiring focus and determination. This can be an effective time to set boundaries. You can make progress toward plans regarding travel or education. Also on March 30, sweet Venus meets wildcard Uranus, bringing excitement to your social life. Novel thrills may arise. A chance meeting could take place! An unusual invitation might intrigue you.

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in April!

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