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My weekly horoscope: What will March 4th 2023 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all



Crows may have a bad reputation, but these intelligent birds can solve complex problems. As Saturn enters sensitive and imaginative Pisces, with the Crow Moon lighting its way, it’s encouraging us to see that we can turn dreams into reality…


You’re right to be wary of the unknowns and ambiguities of your current situation. And you’re right to think that if you just carry on doing what you’re doing there will be consequences. But you can’t do nothing. Be guided by your intuition this Full Moon week. So much is uncertain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an informed choice about the best way to proceed. You can go with your instincts or let someone talk you into going with theirs… so trust your own ideas. They’re more than good enough. How can you benefit from this week’s powerful astrological outlook? For good news, call 0906 751 5601.


The problem with other people is that they’re not the same as us. For all their good intentions, they can’t help seeing their own point of view instead of ours. It’s so infuriating! We end up investing our precious time trying to negotiate mutually satisfactory plans. And, of course, those people face the exact same challenge with us! If a relationship with a certain other person has been feeling strained recently, it’s about to improve. The Full Moon enables you to see things from their point of view… and vice versa. What does your heart desire and how can you achieve it? Call 0906 751 5602. 

Oscar Cainer has revealed what this week will have in store for those with different horoscopes in the zodiac 


Yes, your life is hectic and demanding. But that’s what you get when Mars, the power planet, is in your sign. It’s been there so long you’d think you’d be used to it! Yet even though you’re spinning so many plates you could join the circus, you’re managing – and managing better than you think. This week’s Full Moon brings a boost of intuitive oomph that enables you to deal, once and for all, with a situation that’s been zapping your energy – and it’s replaced by the enthusiasm you’ve been lacking. Curious to know more? There’s valuable news in your latest four-minute forecast. Call 0906 751 5603. 


There are clubs for all sorts of people with all sorts of interests and habits. So surely there must be a club for martyrs? If so, you have all the experience you need to join. Not only would you feel at home; there’s a good chance you’d find yourself in better company than the company you’re keeping… some of those other self-sacrificers would make sacrifices for you! Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of your generous nature this week. Use the Full Moon energy to create clear boundaries and give yourself some self-care time. Success is about timing and attitude. Your four-minute forecast shows the way to positive change. Call 0906 751 5604.

LEO JUL 24 – AUG 23 

You don’t need to be a neurophysicist or a member of Mensa to make the right decision this week. You just need some input from the intuitive voice of your heart. Listen to it, trust it, follow it and see where it leads. It’s unlikely it will take you on a path that doesn’t feel right. But if it does, you can override it with your mental faculties. The Full Moon energy indicates that the way to make pleasing progress involves less thought and more instinct. How will you know if your thinking is too wishful? You won’t need to answer that question! You have lots to look forward to. The inspiration you need is in your four-minute forecast. Call 0906 751 5605.


With the Full Moon in your sign, this week focuses on love and relationships. You’re naturally good at dealing with the nuts and bolts of everyday life, and with this lunar energy focusing on your spiritual side, you’ll find creative ways to deal with pragmatic issues in ways that open your world to other people’s input. Although you can’t expect everything to ‘go with the flow’, at least one source of stress will dissipate. Prepare to feel more loved, more secure, more supported… and much more comfortable about the near future. Knowledge is power. Find out how to take full advantage of your astrological assets. Call 0906 751 5606. 


Some sofas are badly designed. No matter what position you try, it’s impossible to get comfy. The more you wriggle, the lumpier it gets. In a similar way, some situations are uncomfortable. You’ve been making a concerted effort to adapt and adjust. This Full Moon week brings a radical way of assessing a tricky situation and changing it. As long as you listen to your strongest feelings, and wait for the right moment, you’ll have an opportunity to make a decision that will alter your position in a way that makes you feel at ease. What’s in the sky for you? Helpful planetary alignments! For good news, call your in-depth forecast on 0906 751 5607.


We’re social creatures. We want to be wanted. We love to be loved. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that sometimes we try too hard. We give way in areas where we need to stand firm. And sometimes, for some bizarre reason, we do the exact opposite; sensing that we feel vulnerable, and conscious that we could be taken advantage of, we put up huge inner barriers that effectively keep out people who love us and want to help. Relax and trust this Full Moon week. Be open-hearted, and good things will come to you. Make the most of your opportunities. Your latest in-depth forecast has inspiring news. Call 0906 751 5608.


It’s impossible to really hate someone unless you’ve loved them. We need to share quite a lot in common before we really start to feel irritated. If we’re too different, we’re not likely to annoy one another. Which makes you wonder why dating websites make such fuss about ‘shared interests’! Real understanding is beyond understanding. It can exist between people who don’t speak the same language. Yet it can fail to occur where you might most expect it. You can’t manufacture it this week, but you can strengthen a connection. Transform your life! To move forwards in a positive direction, there’s good news when you call 0906 751 5609.


We all know there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Yet surely it depends where the milk has been spilt? If someone dropped some behind your sofa a few weeks ago and forgot to tell you, the smell might well make you feel like crying! You’ve been dealing with an unpleasant situation from your past. It’s taken ingenuity and hard work to clear up someone else’s mess. This Full Moon week, your ruler, Saturn, moves into a new celestial home, and you’ll be able to complete it and relax. Life is about to smell sweeter. For advice to guide you through the twists and turns ahead, call your four-minute forecast on 0906 751 5610. 

As Saturn enters sensitive and imaginative Pisces, with the Crow Moon lighting its way, it’s encouraging us to see that we can turn dreams into reality… (stock image of a full moon)

As Saturn enters sensitive and imaginative Pisces, with the Crow Moon lighting its way, it’s encouraging us to see that we can turn dreams into reality… (stock image of a full moon)  


We think there are more questions than answers. But suppose it’s the opposite? Maybe we have to keep asking questions until we find one that fits the answer we’ve been given? We can apply the same logic to the decisions we face. Often, when we make a choice, we then have to make ten more. But most of the time we’re too busy dealing with issues we have little (or no) influence over to ponder these complicated ideas. But this Full Moon week brings an excellent option. Don’t think about it. Take it. How can you stay focused and happy? Your weekly forecast has the advice you need. Call 0906 751 5611.


You’re an empathic Piscean. Which can make it hard to work out whether you want what you want because you want it… or because someone else wants it. Or because you want what someone else wants. Or because you want what they think you want. Yikes! Confusing! Fortunately, with Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher, about to enter your sign, this week brings clarity of vision and depth of understanding. Not only will you have a clearer sense of your own needs, you’ll be able to take practical steps towards making your dreams come true. What’s the best way to ensure success? Call your four-minute weekly forecast on 0906 751 5612. 

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