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‘No Political Clearance Sought Or Given’: MEA On Prajwal Revanna’s Travel To Germany



Suspended JD (S) MP Prajwal Revanna

Photo : PTI

New Delhi: Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said no political clearance was sought from or issued by the ministry in respect of the travel of the Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna to Germany.

MEA on suspended JD (S) MP Prajwal Revanna travel out of India

“No Political Clearance was either sought from or issued by MEA in respect of the travel of the said MP to Germany. Obviously, no visa note was issued either. No visa is required for diplomatic passport holders to travel to Germany. The Ministry has not issued visa note for any other country,” MEA spokesperson said.

On cancellation of Revanna’s passport:

As regards the possible revocation of passport of any individual, I would refer you to the relevant provisions of the Passport Act 1967. We are not in receipt of any directions from any court in this regard.

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