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Not US, Germany should be your study-abroad destination in 2023



While the lingering effects of the global recession accompanied the beginning of this year, aspiring students’ urge to pursue their degrees/diplomas at a renowned international university remains unaffected.

For nearly the last two decades, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom held the top spot for Indian students. But now, there is a dramatic wave of change. In recent times, Germany has emerged as the leading destination for students all around the globe.
From internationally acclaimed universities to the low cost of living, stable economy, a wide range of courses, culturally diverse environment, and low tuition fees, Germany sure has several ways to promise you a successful future and an overall enriching experience.

Still contemplating what makes Germany an ideal study-abroad destination? Check out these points to clear your doubts

  1. Top-notch universities – German universities have garnered a great reputation for offering excellent quality education in the field of technology, engineering, architecture, medicine, dentistry, law, and more. In addition, the consistent use of a practice-oriented teaching method ensures that the students establish a strong practical foundation, which is of course extremely important in the current professional environment. So, earning a degree from any globally recognized German university can undoubtedly help you land your dream job.
  2. Low tuition fees – When selecting your study abroad destination, one factor that is imperative to consider is the tuition fees. High tuition fees can burn a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, Germany has a different scenario altogether. Earning a master’s degree from a public university in Germany doesn’t require you to bear any tuition fees. You are required only to pay a semester fee that ranges from €65 to €240. In fact, studying at a private university in Germany is a lot cheaper than the ones in nations like the UK, US, and Canada.
  3. A plethora of scholarships to benefit from – While studying abroad can strengthen your chances of surviving in a competitive job market, affording a living there till you earn your degree can be overwhelming. However, applying for a scholarship in Germany allows you to get rid of a heavy chunk of your financial liability. Both private and public universities offer numerous scholarships for international students that can entirely finance your study programs in Germany.
  4. Make extra money through internships – Another reason to pursue a degree in Germany is the availability of work opportunities for students. The government provides many positions for students called ‘Werkstudent’ or ‘Working student positions’ that not only assist you in making some money but also add a valuable experience to your resume. Moreover, unlike many western countries, Germany allows every international student to work for up to 20 hours per week.
  5. Post-degree visa advantage – In most countries, what truly becomes a cause of stress for an international student is staying on a student visa after the completion of their degree. Because if you do not get a job in 2-3 months, you are deported back to your homeland. Meanwhile, Germany allows you to stay in the country and extend your visa for another 18 months so that you can easily find a suitable job.

The way forward
European countries are well-known for the impeccable quality of education they provide. Germany is one such nation that ensures a valuable experience to international students. Whether it’s low to no tuition fees, a safe environment, social acceptance, or high-paying work opportunities and favorable visa regulations, the country has all your needs covered. Also, let’s not forget how Germany is in the heart of Europe and is very well connected with other European countries. And hence, it provides you the freedom to explore multiple neighboring countries, without exhausting all your savings.

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So, if you now see Germany as your top study-abroad destination, then it is better to consult an overseas education expert to get an in-depth idea of how you can carve a niche in your area of interest in this European country. All the best!

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