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Orthopaedic travel bed for dogs launched



Luna with DogDry founder Frances O’Reilly


The founder of the first-of-its-kind product in Ireland and the UK, the DogDry – a drying robe for dogs – has launched another unique product aimed at ensuring dogs travel in comfort.

Frances O’Reilly, founder of DogDry, said the new memory foam Orthopaedic Travel Bed for dogs is designed to cope with wet dogs and keep the surrounding area clean and dry.

Frances said it will ensure that travel days and winter walks are more appealing for everyone.

The innovative product is designed using the same patented design as the DogDry drying robe, and the result is a super-absorbent travel bed.

What makes the travel bed unique is that due to its technology and design, it has a fully washable outer cover which is made from three layers of performance fabrics. The top layer, which provides comfort to the dog, allows moisture to pass through while a super-absorbent core locks it away and finally a waterproof lining keeps the memory foam mattress inside fresh and dry.

Speaking about where the idea for the travel bed came from, Frances said it stemmed from her needing it for her own dog.

“I needed a comfortable bed that our retriever Luna was happy to lie on in lots of different situations,” she said.

“One that came from home and so had the familiar smells of home to help her settle in a new environment,” she added.

She also it needed to be easy to carry from one place to another while also carrying luggage and holding a lead.

“Hence the DogDry waterproof travel bed was born,” said Frances.

She said the bed has features that dog owners will appreciate including a non-slip base and its memory foam comfort levels ensure that dogs will want to lie on it.

“It also folds neatly to 1/3 of its size with an integrated carry handle for easy transport,” said Frances.

She believes there is a good market for the product, based on her first year in business, which saw very successful online sales of the DogDry robe.

“We have sold to 15 countries from our base in Waterford via,  from all across Ireland to the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark, Austria and Luxembourg,” said Frances.

“We know from our research that 40 per cent of dog owners in Ireland buy a substantial gift for their own dog at Christmas and at a time when families travel to be together, a travel bed for your dog is particularly useful,” she added.

“We’ve also discovered that friends and family of dog lovers are delighted to find an attractive gift that’s more personal than the usual fare of scented candles or gift hampers.”

Frances previously held a high-flying career in innovation, working with global brands such as Diageo, Kellogg. However, in addition to her latest product launch she also designed and launched a pair of DogDry, drying mitts on

They are recommended for floppy-eared hounds, and owners with tiny tea-cup dogs, in order to get them dry after a walk or a bath.

“They are also handy to keep anywhere there is a risk of wet paws spreading a mess indoors,” she said.

Frances also said the purpose of all her products is based on a her belief that “every dog, everywhere, has the right to play outdoors”.

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