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PS Njogu sheds light on 250,000 jobs in Germany



Foreign Affairs PS Roseline Njogu has shed light on some of the 250,000 available job opportunities in Germany.

President William Ruto on Monday announced the availability of jobs in Germany during a Cabinet retreat in Naivasha.

“Roseline just came back from Germany. We are almost completing the agreement with the German government because they have asked us for 250,000 job opportunities and they want us to agree before June. The same thing is going on with different countries,” Ruto said.

Taking to her X account, Njogu said she had received a lot of queries on the type of job opportunities offered.

“Following our mission to Germany, I’m receiving a lot of queries on jobs available in Germany, immigration processes, and so on. Here’s some information given by the German government,” Njogu said.

She shared a website link for access to available jobs and immigration requirements by the German embassy.

Some of the available professions in demand are under the healthcare and technology department such as nurses, physicians, engineers, IT specialists, scientists and craftspeople.

They are available on the make-it-in-germany website.

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