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Russian espionage activities in UK, Germany ‘unacceptable,’ says NATO chief | World



NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Friday accused Russia of conducting espionage activities in Europe, saying it is “unacceptable.”

Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Stoltenberg said all NATO allies must remain vigilant regarding covert Russian activities, after recent arrests in the UK, and Germany.

“Last week, Germany arrested individuals accused of espionage and sabotage. And today in the United Kingdom, five individuals have been charged in connection with hostile state activity to benefit Russia,” Stoltenberg said.

“Such acts are dangerous and unacceptable. They will not deter us from providing support to Ukraine. And we are coordinating closely in our response to any hostile act against NATO allies,” he added.

Last week, German authorities arrested two suspected Russian spies for planning sabotage operations in the country to disrupt the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. The suspects, both German-Russian dual citizens, were allegedly involved in plans to attack military infrastructure and industrial sites, according to federal prosecutors.

Today, British police said five men, including a British national, have been charged with “conducting hostile activity” in the UK in order to benefit a foreign state – namely Russia.

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