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Shraddha Srinath mastered the German niksen during her Nepalese vacation | Tamil Movie News – Times of India



In what she calls a “table for one” trip, Shraddha Rama Srinath mastered the German art of ‘doing nothing’, niksen. Taking to Instagram, Shraddha shared a series of selfies from her solo trip to Nepal, where her sole agenda was to be spontaneous and unscripted. In her words, “This was my no agenda, do whatever the hell your heart desires holiday.”
Elaborating about the vacation, she shared how on some days she did nothing but read a book, take a lazy stroll, order room service and see the sunset.
Sharing pictures from her vaction, Shraddha Srinath wrote, ““Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I with my hands when someone’s taking a picture of me?” are some of the questions that keep me up at ungodly hours of the night.
I went to Nepal 3.5 weeks ago. It’s what I call a “Table for One” holiday. I was by myself, so there were a lot of selfies taken. On some of the days, I had someone to take a picture of me, but I’m really horrid when posing for a stranger – might as well take selfies. Also also also, in the past, I’ve put all my trust in strangers and given my best poses (okay maybe not my BEST poses) but they’ve let me down with their framing skills so now I just have trust issues.

Also I carried ONE jacket for the entire trip and this ONE jacket has appeared in ALL the photos. I’m going to put this jacket away at the bottom of my woolens chest and make it resurface only 5 years later. Good jacket though.
This was my no agenda, do whatever the hell your heart desires holiday. There were days when I’d go down for breakfast and the hotel staff would politely make small talk with me and enquire about my plans for the day and I’d reply with “nothing, no plans”. And I really did do nothing on some days. Saw the sunrise. Read a book. Took a walk. Ordered room service. Saw the sunset. Had some Barasinghe. Smiled a lot. Recalled memories from childhood. Said out affirmations into the crisp mountain air. ‘Niksen’ the Dutch call it. You’re talking to the girl who mastered the art of ‘Niksen’.”

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