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Soccer and big money Sponsors: Secrets of deals between Casinos and Teams



Due to the addictive risk of gambling, which can have severe economic and moral downturns on gamblers, many football leagues in Europe frown at teams backing casinos or receiving support from the same. In fact, giving any donation or advertising casino brands by clubs in the Serie A is outlawed.

On the other hand, football teams get a very big paycheck from these casino brands with the added bonus of promoting their teams within the emerging online betting industry. Furthermore, most of these online casino companies already host sports betting platforms that give fans a chance to engage with their favorite teams by placing bets throughout the season.

But this ever increasing criticism around the soccer-casino relationship hasn’t destroyed the close tie between the two. Besides the continuous flow of finance and other forms of help between both, the online casino fan base has continued to soar, thanks to the round leather game.

In New Zealand, for instance, many football fans have embraced gambling because they noticed increased casino sponsorship for football teams they probably support. According to OnlineCasinoFinder NZ, this increment comes a surge in demand for NZ online casino where players can get instant pay for their casino fortunes. This is a game-changer for fans who want to enjoy the excitement of the game and ensure that their payouts are received promptly.

That said, this article will explore three casino brands that have been backing football teams and the clubs that have benefitted from the big sponsorships, alms, and largesse of such gambling brands. Let’s begin with the casino soccer sponsors first.


Founded in 2008 in Sweden, Casino Betsson has grown exponentially, winning several awards and the confidence of Sweden’s community of players. The brand’s clients closely liaise with Premier League teams to strike a bequest of reasonable proportion that benefits both sides. Even though the casino brand began as a regional company, the subsidy, gift, and benefaction it offers clubs and casino players are fast catapulting it to the global scene.


Based on its scope, size, and number of users, Fonbet is arguably the most prominent casino brand in Germany. The company also operates in Kazakhstan, and based on its establishment date (1999), it’s the oldest online casino brand in the world. From hockey to soccer, Bwin sticks out its neck for major European teams, and they contribute to their global reach and finance.

Bwin is a large employer of labor in Austria and Europe, and during the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, it stated that it could fund its anti-Covid campaign without receiving help from the Austria government. The casino brand maintains its support for football teams via social media and several online platforms.


This German casino giant, with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, Tipico began its online casino and sports betting campaigns in 2004. From just a betting shop in Malta, this real money casino brand has grown into a multinational company with offices in Germany, the USA, Colombia, Croatia, and Austria. The online casino and bookmaking company prides itself on paying money and bequests to fans very quickly, thereby winning players’ confidence.

3 Football Teams that Partner with Casino Brands

The amount of money that goes into football has to come from somewhere. For big European teams, it would have been challenging to finance their campaigns without the grant and subsidy from their cooperation with casino brands. Here are three clubs in Europe you probably didn’t know have casino brands’ backing.

AS Monaco

AS Monaco is one of the frontline clubs in the French Ligue 1. The club enjoys national and international support and a growing fan base in Japan, New Zealand, and globally. Japan’s Secret Casino saw this ever-increasing love and admiration for this Ligue 1 club and, therefore, reached out to be one of their soccer sponsors. The love for Takumi Minamino and his arrival at this club also contribute to the Japanese’s affection for it.

CF Real Madrid

If you say Real Madrid is the football king of Europe, only a few sports enthusiasts will contest that. The highly successful Spanish team has won several UEFA Champions League titles and their home league – La Liga – several times. With a budget that is usually the size of other leagues’ teams, it’s evident that their financial backing has to be strong.

Before their merger with Partypoker, bwin provided main sponsorship for Real Madrid and appeared on their jersey from 2007 to July 2013. Bwin helped the “Royal” team deliver two La Liga titles, two Spanish Super Cups, and La Copa del Rey. As a part of the sponsorship, bwin offers casino players exclusive offers such as visiting the stadium’s bwin box, stadium tours, or even a meet and greet with the team. Although La Liga has banned Spanish teams from advertising gambling firms, the European football giant, whose casino sponsor is bwin, has found other ways, like online platforms and social media, to fulfill their casino ads obligations. Typically, deals between football teams and betting companies are kept secret, but for a team as big as Real Madrid, you can imagine that the alliance is such that it will endow it massively.

Bayern Munchen

Like Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen has not only conquered Germany but also Europe. With 30 Bundesliga and a couple of UEFA Champions League titles, many casino brands will underwrite, if possible, to be their official sponsor. It, however, pleased the club to grant Tipico the partnership right in 2016 after it discarded Bwin, which used to provide such in 2015. Tipico’s partnership with Bayern Munich will endow it with the local and international fanbase it needs, while the alms and largesse from players’ gambles will help fund the club’s budget.

Our Conclusion

Casino sponsorship for football teams helps to provide the financial assistance clubs need to stay afloat. Granted, gambling can be dangerously addictive, but if played responsibly, players can indirectly make a significant donation that will give their favorite football club the financial backing they need.


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