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Sophos Germany Champions Girls’ Pathways into Tech



Sophos Germany recently hosted its annual Girl’s Day event, where 17 girls aged between 10 and 14 years old were invited to spend the day at the Sophos office in Wiesbaden to explore the possibilities of a career in tech.

The girls, who all attend local schools in the region, attended interactive sessions to learn more about life at Sophos, how our business operates, the role women play at the company, and the varied careers and leadership journeys for women in cybersecurity.

The girls also took part in a social media dos and don’ts discussion and learned about IT security considerations in day-to-day life.

Girls’ Day is a Germany-wide initiative intended to support children in finding the ideal career, or a suitable field of study. The aim of the day is for young people to try-out new things and to get to know their own strengths and talents better. More than 10,000 companies and institutions take part offering insights into everyday working life or fields of research.

We believe diversity, combined with inclusion, builds a better Sophos. We are passionate about creating a workplace of equal opportunity and an inclusive work environment. You can find out more about Sophos’ diversity and inclusion networks and our social impact philosophy on our careers website.


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