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Supporting the development of next-generation sustainable workplaces | Macquarie Group



In 2022, a fund managed by Macquarie Asset Management invested in Edge. Over more than 25 years, Edge has built its reputation as one of Europe’s leading developers of more sustainable and technology-enabled office spaces.

Edge’s specialist teams across Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and London continue to evolve design standards in their respective markets. Prioritising the reduction, reuse and recycling of construction materials alongside the use of natural building products like timber, Edge is targeting a reduction of at least 50 per cent for embodied carbon emissions generated by its new projects.3 Edge is also seeking to reduce the operational carbon emissions of its new projects to almost zero, sourcing renewable energy to meet electricity needs, investing in geothermal heat-cold storage, and employing smart sensor technology to optimise properties for wellbeing and sustainability.3

While improving the operational performance of its buildings, Edge is investing to enhance the experience of tenants. Leveraging its technology and design-oriented approach, workspaces developed by Edge typically feature innovative architectural design, flexible meeting and event spaces, high-quality café and dining services, indoor and outdoor green spaces, fitness and hospitality services.

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