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Ukraine secures vital weapons from NATO ally as Russia ramps up offensive



These gains have exacerbated the urgent need for ammunition and equipment within Ukraine‘s military ranks, prompting President Volodymyr Zelensky to make desperate appeals to Western allies for increased assistance.

As part of the latest aid package, Germany has furnished Ukraine with 10 additional “Marder” armoured personnel carriers, a second Skynex anti-aircraft system, close to 30,000 rounds of ammunition for the “Gepard” anti-aircraft gun, as well as ammunition for the Leopard 2 tank, missiles for the Iris-T system, and various other supplies.

This development follows German Chancellor Olaf Scholz‘s recent assertion that European allies must continue providing support to Ukraine.

His remarks come in the wake of a $61 billion (£48 billion) aid package from the US, which was approved after extensive negotiations.

Chancellor Scholz hailed the US aid as “an encouraging and necessary signal,” emphasising Europe’s ongoing responsibility to bolster Ukraine‘s defences against aggression.


He stressed: “The United States’ decision doesn’t release us here in Europe from the task of further expanding our support for Ukraine so that the country can defend itself against the aggressor.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg echoed this sentiment during a joint press conference with Zelensky, affirming the alliance’s commitment to meeting Ukraine‘s urgent needs.

Stoltenberg emphasized that despite facing challenges, it was “not too late” for Ukraine to turn the tide of the ongoing conflict.

He said: “For months, Ukraine has been outgunned, forced to ration its ammunition, resulting in fewer interceptions of Russian missiles and drones. More support is on the way.”

Stoltenberg emphasised NATO’s readiness to prioritise support for Ukraine, even if it means diverting resources from NATO capability targets.

He said: “And I have been clear that if allies face a choice between meeting NATO capability targets or support to Ukraine, they should support Ukraine, and put plans in place to refill their stockpiles.

“Stocks can and will be replenished. Lives lost can never be regained.”

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