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What the debate on Chinese 5G equipment in Germany means – Times of India



German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to meet with key ministers to decide on potential restrictions for equipment from Chinese technology firms Huawei and ZTE in the country’s 5G network, according to sources familiar with the matter, reported Reuters.
The discussions involving interior minister Nancy Faeser and transport minister Volker Wissing aim to establish stricter security protocols for Germany‘s next-generation mobile infrastructure, following delays in finalizing the regulations.
Last year, the interior ministry proposed adjustments to the 5G network after a review highlighted Germany’s dependence on the two Chinese suppliers, Reuters noted.
This decision comes amidst a complex relationship between Germany and China. While China is a crucial market for German giants like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, Berlin acknowledges it as both a partner and a potential competitor.
The debate surrounding Huawei and ZTE reflects a growing recognition in Berlin that they might need stronger political measures to lessen Germany’s strategic reliance on China’s technological dominance.

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